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Can you remember the last phone call you had with your Dad? Can you recall his voice, the stories he told and the life lessons he shared?

Neither did Yogi Roth.

Yogi Roth realized that he had never dealt with the emotions stemming from his father’s battle with prostate cancer. In a single moment, Yogi decided that he never wanted to say, “I wish I’d spent more time with my dad.” 
He immediately flew home and invited his father on a journey that would change both of their lives forever.

LIFE IN A WALK follows Yogi Roth and his father, Will, on their trek along the Camino De Santiago, a famous pilgrimage through Portugal and Spain, where Yogi listens to, learns from and discovers more about his hero than he ever imagined.

Through LIFE IN A WALK, Yogi hopes to inspire viewers to spend time with the people they care about while challenging them to break away from the daily rigors of life and technology to simply go for a walk with the ones they love.

Yogi Roth is a Filmmaker, Scholar, New York Times Best-Selling Author, accomplished Coach, popular Sports Analyst, Motivational Speaker, Host and World-Traveler. His latest film, ELITE 11 is a sports documentary in which he both directed and hosted debuted on August 11th on www.elite11.com and also on a variety of other digital platforms. Through his Production Company – Life Without Limits – Yogi strives to make movies that highlight great stories and provoke audiences to give back to their community through the power of human connection, exploration and discovery.

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LIFE IN A WALK will be opening via Theatrical On Demand Fall 2015

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  • Yogi Roth

    Director/Executive Producer

  • Jonathan 'JJ' James

    Executive Producer

  • Ed Borneman


  • Sam Young


  • Rory Modica


  • Eric Yoon


  • Chris Seerveld


  • Gregor Clark

    Executive Producer





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Feb 28, 2018
Mantova, Italy


  • USA Today

    “Roth decided to turn his footage into a documentary project, aimed at creating a movement that encourages people to find opportunities to ask their loved ones the questions they’ve always wanted the answers to.” Read more…

  • Men's Health

    “I’m not afraid to admit it, I cried when I talked to Yogi. I wasn’t really expecting to, but i guess he touched a nerve…It’s a film about fathers and sons, how we connect and how we sometimes don’t….If you haven’t already done so today, take a walk… Connect with a loved ones. Call your dad. Seriously, call him.” Read more…

  • HuffPost

    “Dear Prostate Cancer, I would like to thank you, because without you I would not have had the greatest three weeks of my life…And if it wasn’t for you I might still be the guy who failed to return phone calls, worked until midnight without coming up for air and took the concept of ‘family’ for granted. So thank you.” Read more…

  • Daily Trojan

    “All of Roth’s different projects share one commonality: They’re primarily driven by his passion for storytelling…that originally motivated Life in a Walk. Read more…

  • Orange County Register

    “After speaking to Roth…I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite R.E.M. songs, ‘Sweetness Follows.’ It’s about the guilty feelings we have about not spending enough time with loved ones…Roth didn’t want to be that guy anymore. None of us want to.” Read more…

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